How to clean a Burbot
(A.K.A. Lawyer, Freshwater Cod, Eeelpout)
Courtesy Chris Wahl (Baitshop Guy)

After you catch your burbot, whack it over the head with an ice skimmer (or any other blunt object,) to kill it, then lay it on it's side. They are a little easier to clean if they are partly frozen. If you don't kill them first, they will freeze in a curled up position.

With the fish laying on it's side on your cutting board, make a cut from the leading edge of the anal fin to the leading edge of the long dorsal fin. Remove the meat from there to the end of the tail. Skin like you would any other fish fillet.


With both tail fillets removed, roll the fish onto it's belly and make two cuts down the length of the fish, from it's head to where you removed the tail. Cut down to the ribs. Now cut across the back of the fish, behind the head, down to the ribs. Starting from the center of the fish, follow the top of the ribs with your knife. Keep going when you reach the skin and roll out the "back strap."
burb 2burb 3

When you are done, you'll have four pieces of boneless burbot. Cook it anyway you want. The meat is very firm and will not flake apart. It makes the best poor man's lobster you ever had!
burb 4