How To’s

Tying Knots In Leadcore- This will show with pictures how to tie up leadcore to mono leader and backing.

Fish Hook Removal From A Person- This is a article that explains the different ways to remove a fish hook from someone.

Tie Your Own Trolling Flies- Mike Paluda (Yooperdad) wrote up how to tie your own trolling flies, seems like a great hobby for the winter.

How to Clean a Burbot- They are ugly, but great eating. Here is how to clean them.

Sharpen Your Hooks- This is a article from Luhr Jensen about sharpening hooks.

Dipsy Diver Depth Chart and Information-
Here is a copy of the depth chart for dipsy divers as well as some other information.

Slide Diver Depth Chart- Here is a copy of the depth chart for Slide Divers.

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